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Manisa and Sardis


Sultan Mosque

Kula Houses

The attractive Aegean city of Manisa is very close to Izmir and preserves several splendid examples of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. Endowed by Ayse Sultana, mother of Suleyman the Magnificent, the Sultan Mosque was built early in the 16th century. Kula House Every year in April, on the surroundings of this mosque, a festival is held celebrating Mesir Macunu, a sticky elixir that reputedly cured the sultan's ailing mother. Muradiye Mosque was designed by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan in 16th century. The annual Harvest Festival begins in September. Most of the region's famous graps "Izmir Sultanas" are growed here. South of the city lies the Sipil Dagi National Park, home of the famous "crying rock" of Niobe. If you travel to the northeast you come to Gordes, a pleasant town particularly known for its fine carpets.


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