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Foca and Bergama


Siren Boulders, Foca

The ancient Phocaea, Foca, once formed part of the Ionian Federation. Today it is a Modern lively holiday town on two deep bays. The pleasant accommodations, clean beaches and inviting restaurants make it an attractive holiday spot. Those seeking the perfect tan can find it on the natural rock terraces of the Siren Islands. Bergama (Pergamum or Pergamon), once a great center of culture survives as one of Turkey's finest archeological sites. In the acropolis, above the modem town, are the remains of the celebrated library, a steep and impressive theatre, the temples of Trajan and Dionysus, the monumental altar of Zeus, the sanctuary of Demeter, a gymnasium laid out on three terraces and the Agora. The Asclepion, located to the southwest of the lower city, was a sanctuary dedicated to the god of health, Asclepios.


The whole town itself is an Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum and nearby there is the site of a temple dedicated to Serapis, the god of the underground who was also worshiped in Egypt as Osiris The temple was subsequently converted by the Byzantines into a basilica.

Serapis Temple

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