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Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Ibrahim Pasa Palace), Istanbul



Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Ibrahim Pasa Palace) The Turkish and Islamic Museum exhibits Turkish and Islamic culture.It is located in Hippodrome, Sultanahmet,facing Hagia Sophia.It was situated in the complex of Suleymaniye Mosque,which is in Beyazit until 1983.In 1983 it has been moved to Ibrahim Pasa Palace,in Sultanahmet,today still it is located in Ibrahim Pasa Palace.Its beautiful building has been given to the Grand Vizir Ibrahim Pasha as a gift from Sultan Suleyman in 1520. Turkish and Islamic Works Museum exhibits almost all periods and all types of Islamic art. It has a collection exceeding forty thousand works.

The carpet section in the museum is very rich and people use to call the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum the "Carpet Museum".

In the carpets collection there are some of the oldest carpets in the world, rare Seljuk carpets, prayer rugs and animal figured carpets belonging to the 15th centuries, Anatolian carpets between the 15th and 17th centuries, Iranian and Caucasian carpets and palace carpet samples.

The most important part of this collection is the Anatolian wood art dated from between the 9th and 10th century. You can also see Anatolian Seljuks art work, mother-of-pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell ornamented wooden works from the Ottoman Empire, Koran part cases, book rests and drawers.

Stone works belonging to Emevi, Abbasi, Memluk, Seljuk, Ottoman periods. You will be able to see grave stones with hunting scenes, figures like sphinx, griphon, dragon, etc.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Ibrahim Pasa Palace) In this section you will see ceramics of early Islamic period and glasses belonging to the Anatolian Principalities, Ottoman tiles and ceramic art samples, Seljuk Period samples and ornaments of Konya Kilicaslan Palace. You can see glass collection starting from the 9th century, 15th century memluk candles and Ottoman glass art samples.

The museum exhibits Korans from the 7th to the 20th century. Rare collection of calligraphies,

books from different subjects, imperial edicts with Ottoman signatures and Turkish and Iranian miniature writings.

You will  see Seljuk Empire period art, the door knockers of Cizre Ulu Mosque, 14th century candelabrum ornamented with constellation and planet symbols, Ottoman metal art samples from the 16th century until the 19th century on silver, brass, tombac (ornamented with valuable stones) crests, candles, rose water cans and censers.

You will be able to see carpets - kilim looms collected from various regions of Anatolia, wool painting techniques, weaving and ornaments, clothes in their regional enhancements, house goods, hand made arts and nomad tents.

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